With the decadent parties thrown in The Great Gatsby, this is our favourite party theme. We throw on our tuxedos and slot seamlessly into your event as we specialise in repertoire from this era. Think of classics such as “When You’re Smiling”, “Putting on the Ritz”, and “The Charleston” and so many more of the classics that have stood the test of time.

It’s easy to see why ASB are one of the most sought-after bands in Australia for 1920s Great Gatsby events. They truly transported us back in time.

The Charleston – ASB in lock-down

Whether you plan to have our acoustic line-up greet guests in the foyer for pre-dinner espresso martinis before a DJ / recorded music takes over or if you’re keen for us to keep the live music going all night long we can transport you and your guests to a 1920s Speakeasy.

Men in black tie enjoy espresso martinis at a 1920s themed event
Espresso Martinis and tuxedos

If you’d like us to arrange for a dance instructor to come in and teach your guests the Charleston as a fun Floor Show activity we would be more than happy to oblige as there is nothing more fun than seeing people in 1920s costumes laughing and doing their best to learn The Charleston.